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Our vision is simple - to provide our clients with great ideas that work. Fresh ideas, that are designed to be built, with equal measure of creativity and technical understanding. Providing interior design in Sheffield and across South Yorkshire , our team of interior designers have a wealth of experience to deliver exactly what you want.

Our no-nonsense approach aims to deliver these ideas in a clear and straight-forward way, enabling our clients to engage with the creative process. This results in an end product that is built around your needs - truly bespoke interior design that solves real problems and provides clear and tangible benefits.

The essence of good interior design and architectural design is in the coming together of the conceptual design process and the understanding of how things are made. By engaging with the physical propoerties of an interior, building or object, it is possible to develop interior design solutions that are truly innovative, capturing the essence of an idea, whilst meeting all of the practical needs.

The Heterarchy studio and workshop was established to provide bespoke solutions for interior design and architectural design projects. Working in a 'hands on' way provides the most effective means for designing sustainable and effective solutions for a range of interior project types.

We provide interior design services across South Yorkshire, including High Bradfield, Crosspool, Norton Less and Burngreave. For more information get in touch >

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Interior Design and Architecture News.
Interior Design and Architecture News.


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Heterarchy specialise in making unique projects happen. We work for clients who understand the value of good design, creating interiors that stand the test of time.

Our expertise is geared around designing bespoke interiors. From having our own workshop, where we test ideas, build models and one-off pieces of furniture, to the design studio, where a team of highly creative designers constantly push the boundaries of design.

It is this dual approach, encompassing both the technical and creative, that is vital in ensuring the delivery of interiors that are exceptional, on time and on budget.

We work for businesses, private individuals and religious organisations in Sheffield and across the UK; what they all share is the desire to create something special.

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Interior Design and Architecture News.