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Mandir Design Specialists UK | Providing Mandir design and Temple design services in the UK including London, the Midlands, Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester

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Create a true celebration of your faith ... bringing together real understanding and specialist knowledge

Starting with the commission to design the UK's first contemporary Hindu Temple for BAPS Shri Swaminarayan, this is an area of our work that is continuing to grow.

With specialist expertise in designing spaces for both secular groups and multi-faith spaces, our creative director Rosemarie Fitton is becoming known as one of the UK's leading experts on sacred, spiritual and religious design.

A key aspect of our approach involves bringing a new perspective to the traditional values and symbols of a faith group, as both a celebration of that faith and a way of increasing inclusivity and community participation.

Since this first commission, we are actively involved in various projects to develop a blueprint for multi-faith and religious spaces across the UK.

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