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Tony Matters | Managing Director of Heterarchy Interior Architecture & Design

Award Winning

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Tony was also an IDEA honours student at Ravensbourne College of Design, immediately following which he was head hunted by Atkinson Design Associates, where he rapidly proved his worth.

He was responsible for their largest single account, Boots the Chemist, creating retail interior design, furniture and merchandising displays for their skincare and cosmetics brands, including the launch of Botanics, and the re-launch of No 7 for which he won a prestigious national award for its innovation and cost-saving excellence.

Another key achievement was the design of an office furniture system for a Norwegian manufacturer that included an innovative desk configuration that broke new ground in terms of flexibility, productivity and (once again) cost-effectiveness.

Add to that the design of numerous prestigious office interiors for the likes of Caterpillar and Jones Lang Lasalle, including the design of a beautifully detailed steel, granite and glass staircase and footbridge.

In 2003, he decided that he should be applying his creative design talents, and by-now extensive experience, to more challenging and enjoyable projects. It was time to add entrepreneurship to his achievements - and extend his design-and-build skills.

Tony has always been a 'maker' as well as a designer, so he was determined to have a studio and workshop where he could test actual designs, build models, and make items like furniture.

That hands-on approach is what distinguishes Tony from many architects and designers - he can walk the walk, and not just talk the talk. When he tells you something will work, you can be sure he's right.

You will often find Tony in the studio/workshop at 2 am switching between laptop and work bench trying to crack a problem - and crack it he will, of that you can be sure!

It's a combination of the creative and practical that typifies Heterarchy's whole approach to interior architecture and design - and what makes them so successful.

Great design that works, and is achieved at a sensible cost - that's Heterarchy, and that's Tony.

Tony Matters Managing Director

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Tony Matters

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